Tours to Greece
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Tours to Greece

Greece is not only the cradle of modern civilization, but also a popular beach destination. Millions of tourists flock here every year to relax on the picturesque coast and secluded islands, relieve the stress of big cities in modern spa centers, look at the Acropolis and the Palace of Knossos, climb Mount Olympus, choose a fur coat in the factories of Kastoria and learn a few pa sirtaki.

When to go
In winter, it is cool in Greece and it often rains, but starting from March it gets noticeably warmer, drizzles less and less, and more and more tourists come here with excursion and pilgrimage tours. From April to May is an even more attractive time for lovers of the history and art of the Hellenes: it is getting warmer, besides, the flowering period is coming and everywhere is very beautiful. The sea warms up to a comfortable temperature by mid-May, and by July only the most persistent lovers of heat come to the Greek beaches: + 35 ° C is difficult to withstand, especially if there is no rain - and they almost do not happen in July and August. The velvet season in Greece is June, September and October. Pilgrimage tours are usually offered in autumn and winter.

Beach Tours
Greece is one of the most popular beach destinations and we offer a wide variety of tours to Halkidiki, Peloponnese, Corfu, Rhodes. Distinctive features of Greek beaches are a variety of landscapes, clean water, good ecology (there are no heavy industry enterprises in the country) and developed infrastructure. Everyone will find a beach holiday to their liking, whether it is the secluded islands of southern Greece or the bustling resorts of the mainland coast.

Sightseeing tours
Acropolises, pantheons, temples, basilicas, monasteries, churches and other monuments of the rich history of the region can be seen during excursion tours of Greece. The abundance of attractions allows you to combine them according to interests: for example, you can pay special attention to Alexander the Great, exploring the places where the great commander visited: Delphi, Loutraki, Argolis, Athens. You can build a tour program from places mentioned in ancient Greek myths, from visits to the iconic cities of ancient Greece or unique natural attractions – Mount Olympus, soaring Meteora.

Pilgrimage Tours
The large number of Orthodox shrines of the earliest Christian history is another reason for the attractiveness of Greece for tourists. During such tours, you can see the pulpit from where the Apostle Paul preached, the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, created by the Apostle Luke, the cross of St. Andrew the First-Called, the cave of the Apocalypse and the amazing monastic republic of Mount Athos.

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