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What are the Best themes for WordPress in 2020 6

WordPress theme includes templates and style sheets, which we can use to displays websites. The whole front end of your site control by the theme’s layout and design, which is in the theme. All the visitors see that when they visit your website when they browse. There is thousand of free and paid WordPress themes, which are available on and most of them are free ones on the themes directory. Many sites use to customize WordPress themes.

Why We Use WordPress Themes

Themes take all your stored information and display it in the browser. When you are building your website, you can manage the design pf your site according to your taste and requirements jow it looks and displays. Although themes also come with specific functionality that performs a particular function and only uses for a particular purpose.  You can also control the functionality according to your requirements and made changes in it by the addition of some plugins and by code to the function.php file.

Moreover, themes generally consist of three parts in addition to images and JavaScript files. The first parts are the style.css file, the second one is WordPress template files, and the third or last one an optional functions.php file that will allow changes to made to the theme. Every theme must have a unique style.css record. But this doesn’t mean that we are can’t change the styles. But rather than the identifying information in the header needs to be different; otherwise, you will have problems during installation. If it is not a father theme, then it also needs to have at any rate an index.php template file to control the display of content. There are specific themes for a particular purpose.

  • Responsive Theme

best responsive wordpress theme, which suits to all mobile devices, computer and Ipads

The first priority of the responsive themes is must have to create a website that offers optimum user experience all along with different devices and screen resolution, including PC, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. The responsive WordPress theme proficiently customizes its layout based on screen and resolution. Responsive themes give you better readability and functionality on smaller screens such as smartphones. Before responsive themes, the site developers would have to create many different mobile versions for each platform, such as iPhone, Android, etc. Responsive design allows one site to be viewed on multiple devices without the need for additional themes or plugins.

  • Default Theme

WordPress usually comes with a default theme, which is used to displays the front end. When you first install WordPress, the default theme is the first theme that you see, after that, you can also replace it with others. Firstly, It is usually used to present the features of WordPress. The defaults theme consist of all the feature and can be used to build an essential website. Secondly, It is also used for the fallback theme. In case a user’s installed a WordPress theme, and accidentally gets deleted, or something goes wrong, as well then WordPress automatically falls back to the default theme

  • Parent theme and Child Theme

The theme that inherits all of the functionality of the other WordPress theme or the parent, the theme is known as the WordPress child theme. The theme which delivered all of its functionality to the child theme is known as the parent theme. In the early days, there is no other way to update/modify your theme without losing all custom and the changes you made. There is also a risk to your website can get hacked if you did not update is soon.

So this problem is efficiently resolved by introducing the concept of parent and child theme. So, now you can quickly make changes by using the child theme in parent theme without modifying it and  without any risk of losing the previous changes

  • Theme Editor

it is a simple text editor in a WordPress located at Appearance => editor. You can easily update the WordPress theme files from the admin area through it. On the right hand of the editor, you can see that there is a list of editable files in the currently active theme.

The most important note if you are not a programmer, then you should not use the theme editor. Often users use a theme editor to edit a works.php file to paste captions from the web. If it does not paste correctly, they get locked out of their site. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with FTP before editing a works.php file with the theme editor.

  • Theme Framework

the theme framework is nearly similar to the parent theme based on some functionality. It comes with free and paid ones. Few types exist; it comes with the complete drag and drops framework like headway theme. Without any knowledge of code, we create everything visually by using this drag and drop. The other framework allows us to drag and drop the pre-define section known as page line and thesis.

The priority is to fasten development. The theme framework severely lessens development. Although it is because of the functionality, and the user does not have to code everything.Instead of creating a theme from scratch and converting all files, creating a child theme can be as simple as creating a new style.css file and customizing a few tasks using a works.php file.


  • Theme Options

Theme options are a management page designed to come with specific WordPress themes. It allows users to change theme settings without modifying themes files or touching any code. These theme option pages can be straightforward with a few options or can have tons of custom options divided into multiple tabs or pages.

It’s important to understand that WordPress themes do NOT need to have an optional page. For example, twenty-two, one of the default WordPress themes, does not have a theme options page. Instead, we use the WordPress theme customizer feature that allows users to customize their themes with live view.

 Divi As Best WordPress Theme

If you are going to build a website, your priority must be a Divi. The questions are why we chose Divi? How does it help in web designing?  Divi is not just a theme. It’s a complete design plan which allows you to make changes and modify each part of your site. It gives you the authority to manage everything down to the most delicate details. You can quickly build the best website for quality work.

divi themes is not just a best wordpress theme, tlthough it provides a complete platform for all professional and beginners

Although, if you are creating a professional website, You will get surprised while using Divi, seeing its performance and capability. However, if you are a beginner and start website designing, it is effortless to use and helpful. It not only provide a professional web tool also helps to make your website accessible. It gives you to promote your site on social media and increase website conversion rates.

Role of Theme Divi in development

You are using Divi no matter what your niche is; you are a freelancer, website owner, or running an agency, you can fulfill all your requirements by using a single platform. As a freelancer, you must have enjoyable work experience with Divi. You can build a website for your client speedily and in a much easier way only by using a single platform.

If you are the owner, then it gives you the freedom to bring your vision to life. Thanks to its visual editor and hundreds of pre-made designs. You are running agencies. You can builds websites faster and in a more efficient way, using Divi. It will simplify your design process and better team collaboration. However, you can easily afford it. Build websites with no limitations for your clients on a single membership.


Installation of Best WordPress Themes

So, now after choosing the best theme which fulfills all of your requirements. Now you have to install it in WordPress.

you can install word press themes in three easy ways.

  • Access the install theme functionality in your WordPress admin

The first thing you have to do when you are going to install a new WordPress theme is, log in to your admin page. Then go to the appearance option and move to the theme.

Here you can see all the installed or activated themes, for adding a new theme click on add new.

  • Select and install the theme from the official WordPress theme directory

the most simple and easy way is to install it from the official themes directory. This provides you to approach the theme you need directly from your site admin page. Every theme in the official directory has described its functionality allowing you to easily search for the right theme. Once you choose which theme is to fulfill your requirements for your site and then in the final press the blue Install button.

  • Upload a theme you have already downloaded

if the want to add a new WordPress theme from your pc to WordPress application. To activate the theme click Activate on the same page.

Now select a file by click on the choose file option, select a file from your PC, and press the Install Now.

In awhile WordPress will provide you with all extract and uploaded data for you. What you gonna do next is to activate the link under the message to enable the theme on your website.

How Many Themes You Activate At a Time

But when you began to activate it, you should create a complete WordPress backup. Turn off any caching plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache on your website.

Sometimes caching plugins will show you an older version of the page. That can limit your ability to see changes properly.

Make sure that themes are already installed in WordPress which you want to use for building your website. You must know that you can only activate one theme at one time. Although, You can install as many themes as you want.

It is the best platform for you to polish your skill. Indeed, You can give your best while using it because it is easy to use no matter your professional or not. WordPress theme provides you with the best t tool tp build the best website with the quality work for your client.


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