The average salaries for digital marketing are 40,000 PKR per month in Pakistan. However, this average salary is simply an employee salary. These salary estimates are base on 530 employes submitting to indeed by digital marketing employees. And also, users. Moreover, it also collected from past and present Job advertisements in Pakistan of indeed from the past two years.

There are many opportunities you can take from digital marketing, like careers that, even as recently ten years ago, didn’t exist. Now you can make digital marketing strategies. Moreover, expansion is happening in this industry, which is creating demand for new skill sets. So what will this demand increase salaries for digital marketing?. Of course, the outlook is outstanding, especially for those who have the expertise and strong background in this field. And those who are willing to learn new skills. Let’s take a look at some career options in digital marketing.

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Salaries for Digital Marketing In Different Careers Option.

Digital Marketing Manager:

digital marketing manager marketing manager digital manager marketing salary of digital marketing manager digital marketing manager salary expert manager salary

A digital marketing manager develops and implements a marketing project. They come with marketing strategies and campaigns to promote a product in the digital world. Similarly, they focus on increasing their sale through brand recognization and loyalty. Salaries for digital marketing is very high. A digital marketing manager must be an expert in their profession and ecommerce. So, they can keep up the changes in the market place. Comparatively to other jobs, this job of digital marketing manager is one the highest paying job in the world. Many platforms offer courses for a digital marketing manager. Now in this digital world, you can boost and polish your skills online without much cost and effort.

Average salaries for digital marketing and Job Title

  •  $64,459 Digital marketing manager
  •  $74,347 Inbound Digital marketing manager


SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

search engine optimization seo optimization search engine engine optimization ose seo digital marketing seo salary of seo specialist seo specialist salary

SEO may be evolving, but it’s not going away. So there is the importance of SEO in Digital Marketing. However, Google is responsible for 96% of mobile traffic and 94% of total organic traffic. Salaries for digital marketing is very high. As an SEO specialist, it’s your job to ensure that your website content is good, and the website is ranking. So, you get more traffic on your website. SEO experts divide search engine optimization into three basic categories—on-Page optimization.

Similarly, off-page optimization and the third one is Technical Optimization. Either you become professional in one field or all of these fields. Need an SEO expert check some platforms like FIVER and UPWORK.

Average salaries for digital marketing and Job Title 

  • $43,820 SEO Specialist
  • $50,230 Inbound SEO Specialist
  • $66,544 SEO Manager
  • $69,155 Inbound SEO Manager


Social Media Expert:

social media expert salary salary of social media expert media social expert salary media salary digital marketing salary

Become a social media expert is the most challenging work ever. Having a strong presence in social media is not so easy to work. But the demand for social media experts is very high in the overall market. So, this job is also highly paid as compared to other jobs. Salaries for digital marketing is very high. Many platforms offer courses for you on how to become a social media expert in the best way. Let’s take a look at some most essential stats.

  1. 98% of the user are inspiring from Pinterest ideas.
  2. 91% Ad engagement on twitter
  3. 80% of Instagram users follow some business
  4. 26% of Facebook user click on Ad and purchase product

Average salaries for digital marketing and Job Title 

  • $51,248 Social Media Strategist
  • $49,552 Social Media Marketing Manager
  • $49,146 Social Media Manager
  • $41,702 Social Media specialist


Content Manager:

Content Manager is viewing over all things related to content from brainstorming to the calendar and from creation to layout or visuals. Moreover, they also set the deadlines, creative teams and setting goals for content marketing. So the salaries for digital marketing is very high, the content manager is connected with the freelancer, editor and content manager to get the material which meets the needs of the client. Surely leave a good impression on the reader.

The content manager is one of the most important fields in digital marketing. So, most of the organization needs a degree in Marketing communication and similar to that—Thats why company hire very skilful people.

Average salaries for digital marketing and Job Title 

  • $56,790 Content Manager
  • $62,688 Inbound Content Manager


There are many ways to make money as a Blogger. However, you can make your interest-blog and monetize your blog.  That quit is good with strong Social Media strategy. Through blogging, you can earn easily and according to your interest work.

Average salaries for digital marketing and Job Title

  • $41889 Blogger


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