Email Marketing examples: Email marketing is a great way to get the most out of direct marketing. Email marketing is when you send business email text to your email users. Contacts who have signed up for your email list and explicitly allow you to receive email communications. Email marketing is used to inform, sell, and build a community around your brand. Like with a newsletter. Modern email marketing has largely moved away from mass mail and instead focuses on consent, trust, and cost. An email has become the most popular link source. In 2010, an estimated 9 trillion emails were sent worldwide. That breaks down 2.8 million emails sent every second. That number is huge, but it’s not surprising when you consider how important each type of mail has been throughout history.

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Best Email Marketing Examples


The newsletter became one of the main sources of traffic for BuzzFeed. They are great at writing great content. Lines and previews of their articles open this email to you instantly! Our favorite and most important newsletter you can get is ‘This Week of Cats’.Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. Every Friday you can find the best and most beautiful stories about cats. The newsletter includes a bunch of links and mesmerizing images of cats. Also, you can always ask Dumbbell for advice and he will probably answer you in the next email. So, if you tell her, ‘I want to pay someone to write my paper’, what does Dumbkate say? We are sure they will recommend you to take some snacks and go for it!


Another clever example of effective email marketing. The herd does a great job of sending well-designed emails. They always know when to have a good time promoting your products. Reminder emails are here to help you.


This salad firm has a fresh and fully stunning design. They say green looks good with you’, so go and order with just a few steps! When you unlock Green Status, you receive an email stating that you have unlocked some features. One of these demands is a free salad on your birthday! So, if you wanted a big bowl of quinoa, now is the time to treat yourself.

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Their email marketing design is very interesting. GIFs are very popular these days and the animation that Litmus uses is eye-catching and encourages you to keep reading the contents. Litmus headlines give the best job of saying what this email is about.

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They always think about the preferences and interests of their customers. The design is very simple, all white with really impressive images. He writes about how many pieces each of them has, so you need to work fast because these pieces will not last long.


We love Theme TheSkimm’s daily newsletter, especially its clean design and its short, short paragraphs. Newsletters are not the only power of TheSkimm when it comes to,  Check out her buyer engagement email below, which rewarded fellow marketer Jenny Menu with a two-year subscription.

Milestones make emails, like birthdays and birthdays, a joy to receive. Who doesn’t love a special occasion? The beauty of birthday emails, in particular, is that they do not require users to input any additional data, and they can work for multiple senders. More, the time frame can modify that base on the business model. Here, the TheSkimm took it a step further by asking Menu if she wanted to become a brand ambassador as a loyal subscriber for which, of course, she would need to share the link with ten friends.


Do you have a crush on email marketing? We do And this is Aesop! Their newsletter has everything you need. Beautiful, simple illustrations, unique colors, and interesting content. In their emails, you can find out what to listen to, what to watch, where to go. There is a brief description, but there is always a button if you want to continue reading.

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Headspace is a guided meditation app. Have you seen the images they send to their users? Lately, we’ve got a cute cake that makes you want to do something about it. Hence, Their newsletter structure is great for people who don’t have time to scroll through long emails. So, it’s short and simple.


From there, some of the best emails come up with super easy designs with a short, smart copy. When it comes down to it, I receive daily emails from Poncho who send me the weather forecast as needed in the morning to pick up the cake.


Uber email marketing examples are simple but tasty. We love how Uber gets straight to the point in its newsletter. Clearly, the text is very short with a clear CTA, which is great for users who don’t have much time and only scam the message. For those who want more information, there is always a link you can follow. So, Ober always sends various promotions and provides an amazing map of your rides with a detailed map of your journey.


Their email campaign looks really good. The design has everything you want. Then, Fresh color and clear design, a clear purpose, and a modest copy. They are doing a great job of keeping their emails very important with a clear CTA. In each letter, you will find guides for different cities. As recently as it was about Barcelona, it had secret beaches and local destinations.

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Provide people the best reason to push with your emails. Thus, as Starbucks does. They know how to buy this Half-Off Frapchino! Mmm. It is as sweet and cold as you. Starbucks emails are used to market tens of thousands of loyal customers every day, and they pay close attention when it comes to Starbucks’ digital marketing strategy.

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